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About Us

Bios Urn Australia. Bryce Roberts was born and raised here in Australia. Tree of Memories has become Australia's largest and only award winning distributor, that sells biodegradable urns for eco funerals using cremation ashes Australia wide. Australia Bios urn reached our shores, late September 2016 and was introduced to Australia by Bryce Roberts and ‘Tree of Memories; our moto is, Life after Life.

Tree of Memories About Us

By using Bios Urn you are now able to grow a tree from your loved ones or pets ashes, creating a living memorial. This allows you to return your loved ones energies into something more natural and complete the circle of life.

After Bryce’s beloved Rottweiler Sabre was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and sadly passed away a short time later, he wanted something more meaningful for Sabre’s ashes rather than just a place on a shelf. Bryce set out to source an alternative option and after many hours of searching finally found a site called Bios Urn.

Bios Urn has really helped me through my grieving process and has given me a sense of relief, closure and comfort. I no longer focus on Sabre’s passing as being the final stage of his life, as I am spending quality time with him every afternoon. Now I am able to see Sabre flourish into a beautiful natural tree, leaf by leaf. I am very thankful to have found Bios Urn, and to have the opportunity to bring such a fantastic product into Australia, giving people the same contentment Bios Urn has given me. I am proud to be involved in bringing Bios Urn Australia wide.

Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn that is constructed from 100% biodegradable material and has been carefully constructed and designed specifically for Australia’s varying climatic conditions.

The simple yet effective design has been created in two sections. The top capsule contains a bag of organic potting mix which maximises and assists your seedlings growth. The bottom capsule carries the ashes of your loved one or pet.

New Bios Urn in Australia

When purchasing your very own Bios Urn you have the option to choose the seedling that best suits memories of your loved one, varying from Australian natives, rose bushes or even a fruit tree of your choice. If the intention of moving home is a concern, Bios Urn can be placed into pots for relocation purposes to keep your loved one with you forever.

Bios Urns Australia are the up and coming ecological and cost effective alternate of the future. Naturally preserving your loved ones life in nature’s gardens ensures you can continually feel a sense of peace as you watch them grow.

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