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Bryce Roberts, Australia

So last weekend mums ashes were planted into a beautiful pot, her lemon tree has began to grow. The sadness I thought that would prevail was actually a feeling of comfort and closure. Dad now gets to nurture mums living memorial and watch it grow leaf by leaf. 
He has a spot to sit in the mornings and look for flowers blooming, fruits developing and a place to just sit and think. I can now have a little bit of positiveness, arriving at dads place and seeing how much mums plant has grown. Bios Urn has helped me move on with a little more joy in my heart, and peace in my mind. 

Our first lemon will be sliced then placed into our beer. Looking skywards with a cheers to mum. Love and miss you mum...

Shelley Davis, Australia

Thanks to Bryce for being so helpful in getting us 2 bios urns delivered quickly to Melbourne. We found 2 pot plants with some pretty flowers and now our fur babies live on under our patio where we can see them every day. Thank you Bryce and Bios Urn Australia.

Lisa Lewis, Australia

Bryce was so understanding and compassionate. Alicja delivered the bio urn to my home and explained how the whole process would work. Bryce kept in touch to offer advice whilst we were deciding which plant to go with. I couldn't have wished for a better way to commemorate my boy. I'm so glad I found Tree of Memories, I wouldn't buy from anyone else.

Letitia Snaiden, Australia

So happy to see my mums plant flowering with her first flower. It's been so nice, nurturing and looking after mums plant. Giving me precious moments with her living memorial everyday. Thank you so much Bryce.

Kerry Brand, Australia

A beautiful way to lay my dad to rest. Thank you very much! You made a very hard time a little more bareable.  Tree of Memories and Bios Urn Australia have helped me with my grief.

Shannon, Australia

A year to the day of his passing I got my first flower on the Azalea I planted. It was one of my dad's favourite plants that filled his garden. Thank you Bryce Roberts and Bios Urn Australia.


Mel Johnson

Mel is the Perth Placenta Encapsulating specialist. When she heard about the Bios urn for growing a celebration birth tree using the nutrients from her newborns placenta she loved it. This will help ground her newborn spiritually with mother nature all whilst growing year by year with her baby. Mel chose a pink boganvillia.

Jasmina, Australia

Had the pleasure today to meet Jasmina in person to help her transplant her son Darcy's plant into her Bios Urn living memorial plant. Darcy's plant bloomed a flower for me today, we think it was thanks for getting him back outside. Couple of spin out things, his ashed weighed 9pnds 4oz, the same he weighed when he was born. After the transplant his rose bush in the pot plant, was the same height he stood before he passed. Thanyou for allowing me to be part of your journey Jasmina, I am so glad you found me and Bios Urn.

Anne Marie Scott, Australia

I've not had to make a decision of what I would do with ashes but since being introduced to Bryce and his business the Bio Urn has certainly given me a wonderful creative option.

Jodie Arco, Australia

Bryce is a compassionate and caring dog owner who experienced his own loss and wanted to remember his boy in a beautiful and very future-forward way.
I got the pleasure of getting my own urn for my own girl Zara and when he delivered it he sat and we shared the stories of our beloved pets, it made me wish they could have been friends
I'd recommend him and his product any day..... I love it!

Brett Brown, Australia

This is a fantastic concept not just for your pets but loved ones also. Bryce is a professional and compassionate individual. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an amazing alternative to remember ones memories. Thanks for the help Bryce!